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About The Company

Hi my name is Belinda Jones and I established Appeal Catering in March 2007 to service the mining industry.

I have worked in the catering industry for 25 years and considered my move to the mining sector a natural progression. My first appointment was at Ferraus Pty Ltd in August 2007 at the company’s iron ore exploration camp in the Robertson Range, 100 kilometres east of Newman.

Since then I have had contracts with Sherwin Iron, Atlas Iron and now Northern Minerals with whom Appeal Catering have been with for the last 5 years....all my work has been from word of mouth.

Appeal Catering has a ‘home away from home’ approach, together with impressive homemade hearty food that is fresh, nutritious and plentiful, and made from scratch with LOVE....

Clean accommodation is always provided and services are delivered with enthusiasm a caring attitude and a massive SMILE.

Appeal Catering pride themselves on the personal touches and know everybody's name in camp and always ask how their day was, this goes a long way out on the remote camps where sometimes the personal touches get lost, people need to feel appreciated and cared for.

"Our food is second to none, we are constantly praised for the quality and quantity of our food.  We use the best suppliers and the freshest ingredients possible, to create tasty healthy dishes. All our dishes, cakes and desserts are made from scratch....whether it's for a camp of 10 to a camp of 150 it doesn't change....we are passionate that's the difference...all my team are my friends mainly from my hometown or crew I have had working for me over the last 25 years of's a great story of a girl with a dream and a fabulous team"


We a down to earth, honest and reliable and just the people you want around camp....we are boutique and ready to expand....


Thank you for your interest,

Belinda (Bez) Jones 



Mission Statement

To provide an appealing ‘home away from home’ environment that promotes good fresh, nutritious food and clean living areas with a ‘we aim to please attitude’ that is always presented with a smile.



  • Safety - Of the highest importance
  • Consistency - So no one is guessing
  • Empowerment - To be the best you can be
  • Fun - You have to have it
  • Integrity - With oneself and for the company
  • Respect - For each other and all
  • Passion - For life and work
  • Quality - Team members and work ethics
  • Love – The team cooks with it