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How Junk Food Affects Your Mood


As we age, it’s imperative that we take care of ourselves. And in the workplace, there’s no exception. One of the easiest places to start with when we’re looking to make adjustments or improvements is in the food we eat. Appeal Catering is one of the notable mining catering companies in Australia, providing high-quality menu options that are designed to help employees onsite feel their best.


As the mining industry is one of the most physically demanding careers, it’s important to include healthy, well-rounded diets readily available for those around the site. Dedicated to this focus, Appeal Catering ensures that all offerings support employees in tackling the many tasks on hand.


What exactly is ‘low-quality’ food?


Compared to more nutritionally filled options, unhealthy fats or excess sugar in food items are commonly found in the ‘guilty’ choices we tend to reach for quickly. High-quality foods are all of your fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats – such as nuts and fish. On the other end of the spectrum, highly processed items are those you’d consider to be ‘low-quality’. And in fact, regularly consuming these can have negative, and sometimes devastating, effects on our overall health.


One place where we can start to feel the effects of a diet rich with low-quality foods is in our mood and emotional stability. Foods that are rich in fats and refined sugars have an overall poor effect of our mental and physical health. In the end, this can not only bring you down but also heighten the negative issues associated with depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, Western diets are known to be packed with processed foods in the modern ages, which ultimately has an influence on the population as a majority.


What are the benefits of a high-quality diet?


A balanced, healthy diet is good for you in more ways than one. If you have mental health issues, like depression or anxiety, a well-formed diet can greatly improve symptoms. For instance, recent studies have noted that a lack of Vitamin D can contribute to feelings of depression.


When forming our menu at Appeal Catering, we’ve taken all of this into consideration. As the mining industry is highly stressful, demanding and strenuous, a healthy diet is paramount. The difference between low-quality products and high-quality food options in this industry remains a vital component of staff productivity, wellbeing and overall health – something we’ve long been dedicated to supporting.


Be it for your first meal of the day, to your last bite before you clock off – the quality of the products you eat significantly influence the way you work, feel and function. All of our staff – from the chefs to the servers – are here to make sure a well-rounded diet reaches your plate. Providing a ‘home away from home’   that encourages fresh and nutritious food, we’re here to make a difference within your workday. If you’d like to found out more about our services for the industry, contact our team on 0415 416 070 now.