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The most important qualities to look for in your catering company


The life of a miner can be intense and grueling, involving long days with risky work. Managing appropriate amounts of rest when faced with this cumbersome lifestyle is imperative. Personal needs need to be met, in addition to the extremely important priority of self-care. Ensuring that quality is maintained throughout services, when providing support, is of the utmost importance. And catering is no exception.


Mining hospitality staff have the unique role of providing this type of support in mining camps across Australia. It is understood that miners, from all over, come to camps usually leaving loved ones behind. Therefore, a personal touch is always highly valued for clients choosing this service for their staff. And that can be as simple as receiving a meal from a mining catering company that’s committed to quality. In the end, this can greatly improve a worker’s productivity throughout their shift. From maintaining clean facilities, delivering janitorial services, to helping to coordinate personal travel logistics – there’s plenty to do around the site.


The responsibility of mining catering companies


Within this niche space, providing tasty and nutritious meals is crucial to the industry and those working in it. The ingredients should be freshly sourced, and no meal should be made without considering the nutritional needs for the miner.


It’s also important that all dishes are made from scratch, all while considering a HealthSmart system to ensure food meets nutritional requirements. As the space highly values health, catering businesses in the field have to keep all of these components as a top priority.


Ensuring hygiene and safety throughout the range of services offered is also extremely important. Within your pool of staff, maintain up-to-date food handling and hygiene training, to ensure absolute safety.


Where social and professional skills are important


Person-centric and professionalism skills are imperative qualities for mining hospitality staff in the space. There is often a mutual understanding of passion amongst staff, especially towards providing specific services to camp residents who work hard on a daily basis.


In addition to the food safe certifications required of staff, there are numerous ways that accountability is maintained. For example, at Appeal Catering, daily briefings and weekly meetings are acted to establish a sense of consistency and accountability throughout the services provided. A mining camp can be a high-risk environment for living and working, so ensuring that all staff are up-to-date on the latest safety policies and procedures is a company-wide requirement.


A little about us


Appeal Catering is a solution-based organisation. No request goes unserved, and feedback is always welcome and valued by clients and staff alike.


By valuing professionalism and organisation across the board, Appeal Catering has a flawless and revered safety record that it has maintained for over a decade. The right people in the right role is what gives us our competitive edge in the catering industry.


Interested in providing high-quality catering to your mining camp staff? Get in touch with our team now to discuss your options.