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Holiday season classics for your remote mining staff.


Just because your staff are working away from home over the holidays, doesn’t mean they need to miss out on all the festive goodie this time of year can bring. Though Christmas has been and gone if you’re looking to ramp up the excitement on site for your employees, consider mining catering services that let you add a touch of ‘home’ to the ‘work table’.


Food, no matter where you are from, is an essential part of any celebration. Even if those within your business aren’t able to spend the holidays with their loved ones, having the right banquet of meals on hand can provide comfort and optimism when it’s needed most. Remote catering companies (like ours) provide services to businesses that may need to think outside-the box.


But if you’re looking for a few quick and easy suggestions for bringing the holiday cheer onsite, here are some festive favourite from around the globe. Below are a few simple suggestions that may make your Christmas more festive wherever you may


Yorkshire Pudding: Sometimes it’s surprising how many Aussies are not accustomed to the good, old British Yorkshire pudding. The perfect accompaniment to a roast,  this crowd-favourite is made from equal measures of flour, milk and eggs. They are whisked together, poured into a muffin tin with a touch of oil that is smoking hot and placed into the oven. The outcome? A crispy outside and a fluffy interior – a breadlike cake which is perfect for mopping up all the gravy goodness.


Pig in a Blanket: Another treat from the English, and a good one too. As we all know, everything tastes better with bacon, so this one’s perfect to have on hand. Simplicity is vital: ideally, use small chipolata sausages (pigs) and wrap in bacon (blankets), before roasting in the oven.


Spiced Prawns and Tahini Dip: For the humble Aussie family, no Christmas would be complete without a few (bucket load of) prawns. We devour prawns like no other country over the holiday period, and for a good reason. Prawns are quick to prepare, fun to eat and have gained worldwide recognition on the scale of ‘putting another shrimp on the barbie’. Simply choose your spices, such as cumin, paprika or chilli powder, cook for a minute each side and serve with tahini and a squeeze of lemon juice. Yum!


Trifle: Even though Christmas Day has passed, who doesn’t love Grandma’s annual trifle? Best made for the masses in the largest bowl you can find. Fresh fruit, custard, lashings of cream on a biscuit base is always a winner. One taste and you are home. No need to be fancy; this is home cooking at its best and serves even tastier the next day.


Panettone: For those who fancy a change from the traditional Christmas pudding, nothing beats the classic Italian Panettone. This pudding is much lighter and fluffier than the traditional pud that we all know and love, but still has the elements of candied fruit and sponge. If you speak kindly to the chef, they may add a little Christmas cheer by adding a splash of Asti or Moscato.  Saluti!