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Top 5 reasons to use a mine site caterer


Mining employees work hard– that’s why it makes good business sense to give them mines catering that ticks all the boxes. Creating the right kind of meals that will fuel your hungry workers throughout thier busy days will ensure that they are happy employees and keeps them feeling thier healthiest so they can work at thier best. Choosing a cateing team that understand this and will provide fresh, healthy and varied meals that their expertise shows are great for your staff. No more 'hangry' workers grumbling throughout the day. Still not convinced it's a smart move, read on to find out five of the best reasons why you should be hiring a catering company:

  1. They’ll be more productive. Giving workers the extra comfort, support and enrichment on site they need to stay happy and healthy has been proven to increase overall productivity – an incredibly important consideration when employing fly in fly out staff who have major work commitments and deadlines to complete in a specified amount of time. Creating the right work environment is crucial to the general morale and efficiency of your workforce, and great food plays an essential role in this equation.
  2. You’ll reduce absenteeism. Empowering your employees to take a proactive approach to their health and lifestyle delivers immeasurable benefits for your business. Physical and mental health problems in the workplace cost Australian businesses an estimated 12 million days of reduced productivity per year or $10.9 billion. Dietician-approved, chef-prepared, nutritious and nourishing meals can go a long way to ensuring your bottom line doesn’t get slugged by absenteeism.
  3. Add time to the workday. Having your mines catering outsourced can take all the stress out of managing meal times by being on hand to plan menus in advance, organise supplies, cook to a specified timetable (or multiple timetables) and handle clean-up quickly and efficiently. Experts at what they do, they ensure everything runs smoothly, so you and your people are happier in the long run. Plus, when your people are getting fed quickly, it also means they can get back to the job at hand faster, boosting productivity on the mine site even further.
  4. Enjoy a more varied menu. Trained caterers can pivot and flex when it comes to nutritious food, making the workday more enjoyable with surprising menu items, mouth-watering treats and other goodies your mine workers will love. They also have the expertise to accommodate fussy eaters and special diets, making sure everyone is equally happy with their meal. Poor nutritional health often results in significant health problems, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Strategically implemented dietary menus can also inspire your people to make their own nutritional step changes, so they’re able to work longer and harder for your organisation in the long run.
  5. Attract and retain the best talent. There’s no doubt mine employees shop around to find the best possible work environment when choosing an employer. Especially at a remote mine, catering companies can add the extra value and special touches that make mining work more agreeable, entertaining and easy. Workers are more likely to be drawn to organisations that offer greater amenities on site and, at the end of the day, there's nothing like a delicious, well-cooked meal to make them feel at home and valued by management. Excellent catering facilities also encourage camaraderie between workers, which makes it more likely your mining talent is happy in the workplace and will show greater loyalty to your business.

Talk to us today about how our mine site catering can create a better, more efficient work environment for you and your people.